What Is the Best Way to Clean a Kitchen Floor?

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Kitchen floors take a beating. From the hot grease and boiling water to the juice and milk spills, it gets dirty every day. Add in the fact that the kitchen is the most-occupied room in the average home and you’ve got a lot of wear and tear issues to consider too.



No matter what type of flooring is in your kitchen, here is the best way to make sure your kitchen floor is clean.



Steps to Take When Cleaning the Kitchen Floor


#1. Remove loose debris.

You can sweep up this debris or vacuum it. Whichever option is easier. You should only sweep a laminate or marble floor to avoid scratching it.


#2. Remove the grease.

To naturally remove grease, mix distilled white vinegar in a 50/50 solution with warm water. Then apply the liquid liberally across the kitchen floor. Allow it to air dry for the best results.


#3. Get rid of the tough spots.

Use a scratch-free sponge to work on the toughest spots on your floor that don’t want to come clean. If the water/vinegar combination is not working, try scrubbing with a gentle liquid dish soap. Allow the floor to dry once again.


#4. Use a steam mop (optional).

Once the tough spots are gone, you can use the heat of steam to remove any lingering problems on the floor.


Using abrasive cleaners can damage your kitchen floor. Harsh chemicals, such as bleach, may discolor your flooring or damage its finish.


By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a healthier kitchen environment that everyone can enjoy. Your kitchen will look pretty awesome too.

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