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Thinking about renovating your garage and turning it into a more functional space? Check out these 3 garage renovation ideas and helpful tips to help you get started.

Does your garage appear to have had a tornado and tools, boxes and debris scattered everywhere? You plan to fix it, but you need some ideas and tips to get started? From new cabinets to floors to installation of organizational equipment, your options are endless.


1. I just want to get my car in!
For some of us, the purpose of a garage renovation is a little simpler; create enough space to park his car, for example.

•In addition to the classic perforated panel, there are other options for your walls, including attractive smooth panels that can accommodate your tools, ladders, shelves, and more.

•For your ceiling, you can use hooks, but you could also think of large height storage units to hold plastic bins, boxes and other objects.

Whichever way you decide to go for the renovation of your garage, it is essential to build a plan and budget. Remove the surprise effect from the equation and know exactly what you’re getting into.

Not sure if you can do this job yourself? A reputable renovation company in your area should be able to give you a precise quote on your home improvement project. If you need an old car towed out of your garage visit Budget Towing for quality car hauling services.

2. No basement? Bring your den to the garage
You can turn your bazaar into a cozy little nest with a bit of organization.•Are you planning to install a widescreen TV, with surround sound stereo and comfortable seating? Remember that humidity and extreme temperatures do not go hand in hand with electronics.
•The first things you need to include in your budget are waterproofing, wiring, and heating / cooling options.
•Plan your wiring early enough to avoid exposed (and potentially dangerous) wires.
•When it comes to furniture, you might want to think about smaller items or that can easily fall back and store when needed.


3. Start with the floor
Changing the floor covering is one of the most common (and most attractive) ways to renovate your garage. Looking to create that nice showroom feel? Do you just want something to cover the floor? You might consider the following options:
1.Epoxy – provides a durable and pleasant surface that can be found at a car dealership;
2.Paint – there are paints designed for concrete floors that are both affordable and easy to apply;
3.Rigid or flexible floor tiles of rubber or plastic;
4.A garage mat – the simplest way to transform your space; you can find carpets in a variety of styles and colors

•If you plan to take care of the soil, you will need to determine if cracks need to be filled or if stains need to be removed before applying your new surface.


Garage refurbishment or a new precast concrete garage?
A general price comparison between the renovation of an existing old garage and the construction of a new precast concrete garage is fundamentally unfortunately not possible. Here are many factors, such as the condition of the existing garage, the necessary refurbishment or the equipment requirements a major role.

With a ready-to-use garage, of course, there is the advantage that all components are new and the garage can be set up quickly. However, this may require a building permit that involves extensive planning and significant costs. Depending on the state, the regulations can vary widely. Inform the competent authority beforehand to include all costs in the planning. The renovation of an existing garage requires a much lower cost, but can also exceed the cost of a new building. Good luck and enjoy your new space.


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