5 Best Ways to Clean Out a Garage

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Garages tend to accumulate all your spare stuff over time. Before you know it, there’s barely any room to move around out there. That’s why knowing the best ways to clean out that space will help you be able to reclaim it.

#1. Host a Garage Sale

If your spare items are of a good quality, they might bring in some extra cash. It makes more sense to sell extra things you’re not using before choosing to throw them away. You might want to remove your old Junker car as well. You might want to choose a reputable towing company like www.townorfolk.com. Make sure to give yourself 2-3 weeks of lead time to promote your garage sale to maximize this opportunity.

#2. Install Shelving

If you have wall space in your garage, you can sometimes clean it out by making it more organized. Install shelving on the wall to increase your floor space. Metal stand-alone shelving or cabinets can help too.

#3. Put It in Storage

Some items might be quite valuable to you. Instead of taking up space in your garage, try moving these items to a secured storage facility. That will allow you to get the space you need without compromising the security of your items.

#4. Install Storage Hooks

Bicycles, scooters, kayaks, and fishing poles are common items that take up a lot of garage floor space. If you install storage hooks with the correct weight capacity, you’ll be able to improve your access to the garage while keeping these bulkier items out of the way.

#5. Throw It Away

Items that are broken and no longer useful should be thrown away. Take it to your local disposal center.

With a little work and creativity, it won’t cost a lot to clean out your garage. You might even make some money doing it too. In return, you’ll be able to use your space more efficiently.

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